Practice Makes Perfect

One of the most often asked questions from my voice students is how to practice -says Bob Stoloff. The answer to this quandary depends on what your short and long-term objectives are and how much time you can allocate for the purpose of reaching your musical goals. Since the voice is quite vulnerable to wear and tear, it is important to keep in mind that practice time must be limited in order to preserve vocal health. In fact, all musicians need to be cautious of extensive muscle repetition. It’s nice to be enthusiastic but overdoing it can provoke fatigue, injury or more severe problems requiring medical attention. Vocal Warm-up: (10 minutes) You should have a few rotating routines because it’s very important to prime your vocal cords at the beginning of each day for whatever rigors you plan to put them through. Singers have different endurance thresholds but it is my opinion that you should not sing for more than 60 minutes per session and no more than 2 hours total per day. Also make sure to take intermittent breaks to keep your voice from tiring or becoming damaged.


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