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Do you want to sing in an effortless and relaxed way?

Do you want to develop a natural, strong and connected voice from top to bottom?

Do you want to extend your range?..

In order to produce a balanced and free tone (especially on high notes) the singer must avoid tension in the outer muscles of the larynx as this causes a labored or unbalanced sound.

Selah Vocal technique is founded on the concept of singing in the same comfortable manner as you speak. The use of the outer muscles is eliminated and the vocal cords are allowed to function in their natural manner by making proper adjustments for the higher notes. The larynx stays in a relaxed position throughout the entire range of the singer.

Another extremely important focus of this method is the crossing of the singer’s bridges or passage areas (often called the “passagio”). This is where the voice begins to resonate in a different part of the body and it can be a very tricky area for the singer. The singer often begins to feel the voice build tension here, usually followed by the inevitable “break”, when the voice can't carry this build up of tension any higher.

At Selah Vocal Studio you can achieve a voice that is clean, controlled, balanced and connected, increasing your range, power, volume and stamina. You will also develop your repertoire and performance skills.

The truth is that when approached with the correct knowledge and tools, singing can in fact be as simple and as pain free as speaking!


“Chidi is a truly talented, amazing and inspiring teacher. The classes are extremely professional but also comfortable. She is a teacher with a warm heart, great attitude and amazing skills. Highly recommended.”

Quinn Davis



Should you be arriving by car, there is free on street parking.

Shardeloes Road, New Cross London SE14 6NZ
Closest Stn: 5Mins from New Cross Gate OR New Cross Stn.

Buses: 171, 172, 136, 436, 21, 53, 321, 177.

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