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The 4 Essential Cornerstones of Singing

Prepare to get the best out of your voice with this FREE handout for singers.

If you’re ready to take your singing to the next level, there are 4 foundations on which to build and create a stronger and more powerful voice…
In Sing Like a Pro-The 4 Essential Cornerstones of Singing you’ll receive insights into:

The need-to-know habits the Pros use before & after every show to maintain their vocal career
The principles of preparing for a performance
Protecting your voice
Techniques to move beyond those dreaded nerves.

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"I'm a professional singer and voice coach who helps aspiring performers become better singers. They want to strengthen their voice and increase their confidence when singing in public. My clients gain confidence in their own ability, begin to love their voice and feel like they can finally own the stage."
I’ve been offering comprehensive and affordable private lessons in London since 2010. My job is a passion for me, and it brings me joy to be able to share this passion with my students. From day one, they learn important foundational techniques to help them boost their skills and self-esteem. Each one has a unique learning style, and it’s my duty to find out what that is and adapt my lessons accordingly. Contact me today to learn how I can help you achieve your singing goals.

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CHIDI on stage
Pixie Lott


You’re an aspiring singer who would love to develop your voice further. You feel that something’s stopping you from reaching your full potential.
You think that if you could just fix this one thing, your voice would sound so much better.
I know just how you feel, because that’s exactly how I felt about my own voice for years…

My Story:
My name is CHIDI and I love working with aspiring singers, helping them to improve their voice and sound their best. As an experienced Voice Coach, Recording Artist, Performer, Songwriter, Session Singer and Worship Leader, I have tackled nearly every form of public singing throughout my career but it hasn’t always been easy.
My journey began at aged 20 which is quite a late start by all accounts but it was then that I first started singing in my local church choir. I did not come from a musical family or have a rich heritage of music behind me like most of my peers. I was struck with fear every time I was asked to sing the lead vocal. I would tense up and my voice would be constantly strained from trying to sing against the loud instruments. My voice would let me down at the difficult parts of a song. I never thought I was good enough, and I certainly wasn’t as confident and competent as the other singers who were around me, I was the odd one out. Everyone else seemed so comfortable singing high notes and being up front with the mic.
To be honest, I thought I was just there to make up the numbers and without realising, I had developed some terrible vocal habits to compensate and get me through each song. I still sounded ok, but deep down I wished that I could find a way to achieve a more freer and comfortable voice and get over these constant nerves.

Turning The Corner:
I discovered Speech Level Singing in 2005 and taking regular lessons and learning the new techniques gave me the freedom to sing longer and stronger and made me much more confident when on stage. It felt so good to finally be able to sing without the usual tension in my voice and to hit my high notes with ease. I felt that I had made a total breakthrough.
After seeing vast improvements in my voice, I was eager to take it further and train to become a teacher in my own right. I knew that I could help other singers to find their voice just like I did.

A New Direction:
With my new found confidence, I began touring all over Europe with the choir and I have since played at venues and festivals all over the UK & Europe and shared the stage with big names such as James Brown, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Corinne Bailey-Rae. I have also toured as one of Gloria Gaynor’s backing singers. As a solo artist I released two studio albums and still continue to work regularly in the music industry…..

And nowadays...
Working as a voice coach, it has been my privilege to teach hundreds of singers to strengthen their voice and find vocal freedom.
Every day I get to work with people who have had the same or similar experiences as me, singers who want to achieve their best voice, but just don’t know how.
I believe that my experience as a ‘working‘ singer gives me great insight into the issues that singer’s face when they feel that their voice could be so much better if not for this one ‘thing’. Working hard to bring out the best in each voice, I make sure my students are at ease so they enjoy the lessons while learning great technique making the experience much more fun.

Work with me and you can finally say goodbye to the frustration you feel when your voice lets you down as you reach for the high notes.

I can help you to discover a more stronger, freer and flexible voice, which is what we all want right? You’ll no longer have to face the disappointment you feel when you can’t sing with as much power as you would like. Begin on your path to vocal freedom now! Book a session with me and let me show you how to Unleash Your True Voice.

Handman Tools


Tricks of the Trade To Improve Your Singing Voice

You love to sing. You love the release it gives you when you get lost in a song.

But there are a few big problems stopping you from being that great performer you know you can be. Things like high notes, breath control, and a shaky voice.

You feel disappointed in yourself and dissatisfied with your performance. You know you can do better but you just don’t know what to change or how.

All you want is to sing your favorite songs from beginning to end and sound like the full-blown artist you know you can be. Because when you can do that, you’ll have the confidence to earn a living from your voice.

You want to enjoy singing without worrying or stressing or tensing up as you approach a particular part of a song.

You want to feel comfortable and at ease when singing the high notes, negotiating that key change, or sustaining that long note.

You want to get lost in the song, connected to your audience and experience that sense of “I just want to sing all night!”

Here’s the good news: You can get there. You can deliver that perfect song and be the performer you know you can be.

That’s where I can help! As a professional singer who has shared the stage with big names such as James Brown and Stevie Wonder and toured as one of Gloria Gaynor’s backing singers, I will help you increase your vocal ability and build your confidence so you can finally say goodbye to the disappointment you feel when the performance hasn’t gone to plan.

During our time together, I’ll help you identify the problem areas in your voice.You’ll see exactly what you need to do to stop your voice from sounding too breathy, or cracking in places.

You’ll learn how to anchor your voice which will help you to hit those high notes with ease.

When we’re done, you’ll be well on your way to singing with real confidence and break that cycle of frustration, just like you've always dreamed.

After we work together, you will…

• Know how to apply the main fundamentals of singing, including warm-ups & exercises, tone production & placement, and breathing & connection, which will give you a solid platform on which to build & strengthen your voice.

• Learn how to care for your voice on a daily basis to ensure that you’re ready to sing like a Pro everyday.

• Begin to smooth out the areas in your voice which sound airy or crackly

• Understand the three aspects of singing that determine your overall sound.

• Have a lot of fun doing what you love!

The Singers Toolbox Package’ includes:

1. A Pre-Session Vocal Health Assessment:

We will discover which adjustments are needed to help your voice perform at its best. This assessment will show me a snapshot of your current vocal health.

2. Vocal Diagnostic:

Your Vocal Diagnostic will help us to plan out a firm course of action to alleviate your issues and create a more powerful voice. It will reveal the tendencies you display while singing and it will help us in identifying the areas of your voice that need attention.

3. Personal Vocal Profile:

You’ll receive a personal profile that will show you where and why your voice is behaving the way it currently does and how your voice can be improved in 3 easy steps.

4. Dynamic Vocal Session:

In your private vocal session with me, I will teach you 3 tension releasing exercises that will relax and balance your voice. You’ll learn a technique that will anchor your voice in order to access your higher notes. I’ll take you through a simple method that will begin to strengthen and build a more powerful voice to help you create a more effortless sound.

Power Building Exercises

As you practice your new vocal technique, you’ll receive email support from me for 14 days after your session, I want to ensure that you are comfortable and give you the opportunity to ask questions and let me know how you’re progressing.

Included in your package you will also receive:

1. A Digital Recording of your Dynamic Vocal Session to help refresh your memory on the techniques covered during the session.

2. ‘The Singer’s Survival Guide’- A digital handbook packed full of helpful hints and tips to assist you on your journey as a contemporary singer. This information alone will change the way you approach singing!

3. Video Feedback Session to assess your progress. We will schedule your vocal review 14 days after your session to make sure that you’re receiving the full benefits of your personalised program.


One Voice CAN Make A Difference...

Now more than ever our world needs your voice! Uplift your spirits and those around you with the power of your song!

Are you ready to open YOUR Toolbox?

Then Invest in ‘The Singer’s Toolbox’ - £95

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Step 3. You will then receive an email from me with your Pre-Session Vocal Health Assessment.

Once I receive your assessment Then we’ll hold your session and get you started on the path to a freer voice.

Have questions? Email me - info@chidisings.co.uk




Chidi has been my vocal coach for the past three years and worked with me on my album “Walk With Me”.
In my weekly sessions she has helped me improve my vocal ability and technique enormously, and find my own voice and unique sound.
Chidi has a very warm and joyful approach to teaching and has always made me feel comfortable
so that I can make all the necessary mistakes during the learning process while maintaining my confidence.
Chidi has helped me shape and strengthen my voice while keeping true to my essence.
My sessions with Chidi are always uplifting and enjoyable.

Verena Nash


"Chidi is a great singing teacher. She has a warm inviting nature and is very bubbly which helps with any nerves!
In the few years that she has taught me, I have gained so much confidence in my singing and she has also encouraged me to nurture songwriting skills that I never even knew I had!
I am so grateful I have Chidi as a teacher and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to work hard but also wants to have fun at the same time
She is Ace. ..! ”

Criss Ash


I'd never had private lessons before, so I didn't know what to expect the day of my first lesson.
When I met Chidi she instantly made me feel comfortable and I just knew that I was in safe hands.
Apparently, my hunch was correct over a year on and I am making consistent improvements on my vocal ability as well as my performance skills, all thanks to Chidi. If there is anything I am not clear about or struggling with Chidi patiently takes her time to make sure I get there in the end.
I trust Chidi enough to work on my own original songs with her a well as covers and they are better for it.
Not only is she a fabulous teacher, she is an awesome person to be around, making a potentially stressful process calm, focused and fun…
Gbola Adewunmi